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Enjoying the Hot Rod Culture and Cars.

A true street rodders club. Founded by those of us who have built our own rods from scratch with a personal sacrifice paid in blood sweat and tears. We are passionate about the true spirit of the sport. If you can picture Johnny Cash driving a 1967 Nova SS down a sun baked road in Southland, USA and love that mental image, well then we just might be the perfect site for you too.

Our Team

Robb Pinner

He is young enough to understand the culture of modern customization, yet old enough to treasure the sheer power of America's muscle. Cars seperated by generations, only to be transformed into your individual masterpieces. Robb's love for the American muscle car has led to the creation of what is believed to be a coopererative automotive adventure. Thereby feeding the hunger for many who just can't get enough of vintage street rods.

Chuck Mercier

Truly along for the ride. A 1969 GTO painted deep purple leads him on his own personal dreamland express. It is often said, "He doesn't speed, he just flies low to the ground." Having been apart of the aviation industry for so long, the feeling is the same. Two wings, or a foot on the floor, once you let go of the brake, you're gone! Chuck is responsible for everything you see visually, whether its a website or a flyer. So, for the love of the road, let us ride!